“The CUBS are the happiest bunch of syncopated Hep Cats in Town...”


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Swingin' since 1983, the band was christened the "Swingline Cubs" by a bartender in a rare moment of history. But no professional organization, even those specializing in a "good time," can get very far without responsible business practices. This is what separates the Cubs from the rest of the pack. We offer prospective clients a full-service office and a full-time manager dedicated to the fulfillment of band and clients' needs. This means timely contacts, calls, contracts, mailings, and accounting. Wedding and event resources, event advice, referrals, and other services are routine. This band pays its "office dues", which translates into better band business. We treat every engagement as if it were the biggest day in our clients' lives... because it often is!

For booking information contact Joe (503) 209-8414 or e mail joe@swinglinecubs.com