We Invite You To Meet the Band!

Michkael Baker—Vocals
Seattle native Michkael Baker has lived his entire life in the Pacific Northwest. He has performed with Tarshene in the popular Northwest band Body and Soul and as an actor in "Chorus Line," "Godspell," and other stage productions. His voice can be heard in numerous commercials for Nike, Hewlett-Packard, and other local companies. An accomplished dancer as well... Look for Michkael and Tarshene to tear up the stage with some great dance routines. Learn more about Michkael here.
Tarshene Daugherty—Vocals
Hailing from Vancouver, WA, this young lady has been singing professionally since her highschool days. One of her first gigs was with the popular Portland R&B band Body and Soul. She can sing styles ranging from Billie Holiday standards to knock-your-socks-off R&B and Disco. Learn more about Tarshene here.
Joe Millward—Arranger, Keyboards
Joe first started playing piano at the age of 8. He took the classic “old lady” piano lessons,learning to play simple versions of the classics. As he grew older, he started playing drums and other instruments—including studying the bassoon for 6 years. Learn more about Joe here.
Paul Mazzio—Trumpet,Fluglehorn
The newest member of the band, Paul has a masters degree in Jazz Performance from North Texas State. He also contracts and plays for shows from “Hello Dolly” to “Les Miserable”. Learn more about Paul here.
Jim Solberg—Bass
Jim grew up in Richland, Washington and came from a musical family. He began playing music at the age of 9. Jim's dad played the clarinet &saxophone. His mom and brother both played the piano and accordion. His first gig was when he was 12 years old with his dads band called "ThePolka Dots.". Learn more about Jim here.
Tim Bryson—Saxophones, Flute
Tim was born in Eugene, Oregon and comes with an impressive resume. He has been playing around the state since 1977. Learn more about Tim here.
Marty Higgins—Drums
“This guy can really play the drums!” Marty was an original member of the band “Nu Shooz”,who had a #1 hit in 1986 with grammy nominated “I Just Can't Wait”. Learn more about Marty here.
Ed Snyder—Guitar
Ed was born in Portland Oregon ‘sometime’ in the fifties; the exact year being lost in the mists of time. The day of his birth is well known ' it beign October 31, Holloween. Thus the stage is set for all you amatuer astrologists and miscief makers alike. Learn more about Ed here.
For booking information contact Joe (503) 209-8414 or e mail joe@swinglinecubs.com